Sister Of The Bad Boys (Highest-#67 in teen fiction)

Sister Of The Bad Boys (Highest-#67 in teen fiction)

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"Why can't you let me be my own person?! You 3 are always controlling my life and I hate it. I hate it!" 

Turning around, I started to make my way to my room, refusing to let any tears out. I get to my room and close my door. 

I'm going to party

I heard a chuckle from behind me and my eyes widen. 

Slowly turning around, I was met with the three idiots.

"We've been expecting you..." Damien says, stroking the stuffed cat.

I stare at him.


 "Or were we.." 

" were......Now why are you here?" 

Daniel decided to speak up this time. "Look Ari, us being how we are is for your own safety. What would happen if some boy tried something on you in school. Huh? What would you do?"

I think for a moment before smiling.

"Three step rule: Play along, distract him...then crush his nuts."

All three shook their heads as Damien spoke up, "Ari we love you but we're doing this for your own good." 

Before I understood, Damon picked up something from my bed.

"You go to the party, Nutty gets it." My smile drops as I stare at my squirrel teddy.

"No...Not Nutty...Please," I beg with pleading eyes.

"Stay in the house, and Nutty lives. Leave, and someone is gonna be tail-less." 

I literally hate them 


Ariella Decrola, youngest of the Decrola siblings. With their parents death, It goes Damien, Daniel, Damon and Ariella. The three boys are also known as the 'Danger Decrolas'. 

As well as that they are the 3 most hottest, popular guys in the school. Even though they are arrogant, cocky and idiotic, they are overprotective over their little sister. Anyone touches her, doesn't see daylight again. 

Then, somehow, she goes from a normal girl to a sister of the greatest gang-leaders in America.

And that's not good, because now she's everyone's target. Especially an Italian gang leader with an incredibly sharp jawline who seems to have taken an interest in Ariella.

AjSummer AjSummer Sep 15
Ugh... hate them. They're really bad influences and really self centered.
Aals765 Aals765 Aug 16
I wish I had an older brother or sister. I'm an only child. Sometimes I like it, most of the time I hate it. But I have a LOT of cousins
jademon13 jademon13 4 days ago
This is a normal thing like I'm 16 in like 6-7 months and I have three bags full in the loft and about thirty in my room.  So yeah.
AjSummer AjSummer Sep 15
I keep reading "Daniel" as "Dane-iel" because the other two have names with a long A sound
Honestly, I'm really excited for this book!!!! I have 3 bros.... Their overly protective too... EEEEE I'M EXCITED
jademon13 jademon13 4 days ago
I went back on Thursday 31st August from summer holidays so I can relate