Living With The Boys

Living With The Boys

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Cece Love By Cece_Mariee_Love Updated Oct 20, 2014

"Jordan! Introduce yourself now!" I sigh "Muuuuuum! You're making me move and now forcing me to talk about me to random people!" I say staring at her"You didn't know The Night's" She pointed out "Fine!" I finally gave in

"I'm Jordan Jones, female." I say "Continue" Mum forced me "I am here to tell you how my mother here forced me into telling the story of my life so sit back and do whatever the hell you do" I say getting up "Watch you mouth" She yelled at me "Sorry mum it already came out" I sneered.

You see I am forced to live with 5 guys and 1 girl that is only 2. Or was it 3? Anyways while I'm here I am going to experience love, hate, mysteries, and drama. Want to find out more? Sure you do. Read my life on.....


spread_peace spread_peace May 26, 2017
My parents named me after a football stadium and I'm a girl✌🏼 oh and it's a boy name
xxsimplytumblrxx xxsimplytumblrxx Aug 19, 2017
I came here expecting to see comments like. 'omg I want a parent like that' instead I find myself reading the whole damn thing again just to find jot 😂😂
jordiiboo399 jordiiboo399 Nov 12, 2017
Don’t worry my name is Jordan and I’m a girl be proud of ur name many ppl thought I was a boy but I’m a girl
xxsimplytumblrxx xxsimplytumblrxx Aug 19, 2017
I know a guy with the same name as me, and my name is Hannah
STELLZA1999 STELLZA1999 Nov 15, 2016
So is Richard the step-father? Or is he the real father that she doesn't like?
                              I'm so confused
A_cookiemonster A_cookiemonster Feb 08, 2017
You can just change the money and get your pounds in dollars