Blinded By One Direction

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Lemany By Forever11 Updated 2 years ago
Alana and Abigail Martinez were two average sisters who were sent from there comfy home in Manhattan, New York to London, England; for the whole summer. The girls thought it was going to be another average summer with their cousins Bethany, Caroline, and Catherine but there is a surprise in store for this family. International Pop Sensations One Direction just so happens to be on break that exact same summer and when a small accident in the London Airport occurs there life is turned upside down as they take a interest in certain girls, Can you guess? Yes, it’s Alana, Abigail, Bethany, Caroline, and Catherine who just so happen to be big time One Direction fans but the guy who falls for them are not who they suspect it will be. This will make each girl blinded by their emotions and one action can probably be the wrong one. It is just Five Girls, Five Boys, One place, and One Story.
omg this story is brilient it just started and its already awesome
Hey you didn't tell me you were writing a One Direction fan fiction you have to let me in on those things! First chapter was cute i love it! Write more Mommy Directioner!!! ^.^