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The Boys of England (Black Butler One Shots)

The Boys of England (Black Butler One Shots)

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Kooky1kookie By Kooky1kookie Updated May 16, 2016

England has so many men... But just a few are attractive! This will consist of multiple Black Butler one shots, with different characters. I warn you now, they will not always follow the anime. They may or may not been placed in the modern world. Also, I do not own any of the characters or Black Butler in general.

*stumbles off the couch*
                              *tries to walk to bedroom*
                              *is stumbling all over the place*
                              Mother: *stares at me* I don't even want to know. *walks away*
AnonLilaca AnonLilaca Jan 23
The thing I laugh about most and cry about is that my real name is actually Angela 😂😂😂
HetaliaLoverMaya HetaliaLoverMaya 15 hours ago
Aw Hell na! That bitch is going to die! @AnonLilaca no effence.
*finny wiggles eyebrows* whatcha lookin at
                              *points at bassy*
                              *finny gets nosebleed*
                              OH MY FRECKLED JESUS
*stops after I pushed through Levi*
                              *slowly turns around* 
                              *looks at him*
                              People: She does realise he's just cosplaying, right?
HeyItsMac_ HeyItsMac_ Jan 02
*Looks at picture* ... Holy fudge brownies that pic is hot!!!! *Nosebleed*