The Only Promise

The Only Promise

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Kadence Rae Emerson has always been the popular girl at school getting asked out by guys. She doesn't find herself attracted to guys though. Sports and academics have always been her top priority, but when the 'new girl', Aiden, enters her first period class history, she enters Kadence's life. Aiden soon becomes Kadence's top priority over sports and academics. But her religious Catholic mom will be suspicious of Kadence's actions, and practically ruin her life.

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He's only just gone in high school give him a break 😂🖕🏻
meat is bad as a whole. It clogs your blood vessels and it makes it harder for you to digest other things so you'll just gain weight all the time. Plus it makes your metabolism bad lol
Can you please separate these two situations? I don't think they're in class anymore so it's really confusing when they're "in class" and Hannah just suddenly blurts out "I really don't want to go to volleyball practice today" in the middle of class😂😕
Suleyk Suleyk Dec 05, 2016
Turkey Bacon's pretty damn good, but it's a poor substitute for actual bacon.
DragonSpear101 DragonSpear101 Oct 12, 2016
Her hair style is exactly like a friend of mines except shorter
old_soul old_soul Jul 03, 2016
Oh yeah, a girl who can drive a stick shift car... that is hot.