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As Seen On TV

As Seen On TV

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Ella Hayden By toptrees26 Completed

Lyra Kennedy joins the cast of Dating Democracy, a reality show where she's paired with the handsome Andrew - but she has eyes for bad boy Patrick.
Lyra Kennedy lost her job, her dog passed away, and her boyfriend of 2 years just dumped her. In a moment of weakness, her mom talks her into applying for "Dating Democracy", a reality dating show where contestants are paired up by audience voting. All too soon, Lyra's on a flight to LA, during which she meets a handsome stranger and mourns that she's stuck on the show instead of chasing after him. When the show starts however, she finds out the brooding stranger, Patrick, is another contestant. Instead of being paired with him, Lyra is assigned the handsome, kind, Andrew Hastings. As the show goes on, and things heat up, Lyra finds herself torn between two handsome, strong, passionately different men. Will she choose the charming small town hunk, Andrew, or the irresistible bad boy Patrick? And when her indecision leads her to pursue both of them, how much of her temptation will the world see on TV?

[[Watty 2018 Winner]]

[[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]