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LilianCarmine By liliancarmine Updated 2 years ago
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Can't wait to get the series when I can afford to buy the books.
How much do you think is the shipping from AUS to your place :) i will very much buy your books!
Are the changes in the book going to be extreme? Because I don't think I could take anymore crying my eyes out/laughing until my head falls off
very awesome....... love ur lost boys..... freakin' good.... congrats by the way... u deserve that.... really.
i don't know if it's available in our country(Philippines) but if it's like that better to buy it online! :) I'm so happy for your success @LillianCarmine
When is tlb 3 coming out geez I wake up every morning to ask is tlb 3 out yet.Gosh I am so addicted to eat squeal