Let The Game Begin

Let The Game Begin

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SeducingTheNight By SeducingTheNight Updated Jan 20, 2014

Adella Agnes Blake is the sole daughter of Duke Francis Blake the Third. She was used as barter in a business deal, her father, the duke, had sold her in exchange for something that would benefit her father- something that her father refused to inform her of. 

Adella was now getting married to a man she did not know, a man that will prove to be very dangerous to her. 

More dangerous in ways that she cannot imagine... 

He is a very sensual man and is determined to taste the fruit that is his wife.
"So lets strike a deal, shall we?" He whispers softly into her ear, 

"I will make you want me in those most elemental way a man could take a woman before the next full moon."

"And what if I don't," 

A deep chuckle erupts from his throat "Trust me, you will."

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