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Ways to my Heart (Mortal Instruments FanFic)

Ways to my Heart (Mortal Instruments FanFic)

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Suki<3 By xxSatsukikixx Updated Aug 10, 2016

Meet Clary Morgenstern, you might have known her as Clary Fray/Fairchild but that girl is long gone. Clary is now a badass shadowhunter who is cocky in everyday possible. After being heartbroken and cheated on for the first time she ended up in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now her story is different, she has a new family, new attitude, new friends, new powers, and new secrets. Clary is personal and passionate, she has become more artistic and more fierce. No one has made her feel like nothing in a while, until she comes back to New York and her heart just wants Jace, but Jace already has broken her heart and broken her. Clary has other tragedies occurring as her best friend killed herself, she was a mundie but Clary didn't care, Margot was Clary's best friend and for a while she knew exactly what she was going through. To be held back from who you are. Secrets hinder Clary from moving forward, Jace keeps Clary from moving forward.       Jace is still not over Clary leaving. Who could blame him, he was in love. Sure, he cheated on her but he watched enough mundane movies about this to get confused. You can thank Izzy for the movies. When Clary comes back it is like Jace's world is suddenly in color and time is moving again. Jace is confused, Clary's in his arms, then not, then is again. He just wants one solid sign but how can Clary give him a sign if she doesn't want a relationship with the guy who broke her heart?                                                                          Both Clary's and Jace's world is going to turn upside down. Clary has to reveal secrets and her past while Jace just has to face the fact she might have moved on. Threats return and uncontrollable things return. Heavenly Angels or Hell's demons? Who will win this time, when it's dark against light and love against lost? Come with the shadowhunters as they learn Clary's story.

badassgirly badassgirly Aug 10, 2016
Ducks aren't yellow. Only ducklings... Thought you should know
Thank the angel the Herondale boys aren't there they would freak out
Hermiones_twin Hermiones_twin Jul 10, 2016
Well now if she goes to an institute you can have a guard duck
FearlessRunesNeeded FearlessRunesNeeded Jun 27, 2016
Everyone is going "son of athena!" Then there's me; "Texas Chainsaw Massacre, good film that is"
AMikaelsonForLife AMikaelsonForLife Aug 15, 2016
Im just imagining like a line of people just like following her to the bathroom and stuff lol
Jace_is_my_bae Jace_is_my_bae Apr 30, 2016
Well if Jace comes to find Clary....Pickles could be the guard duck.