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Eren x Reader

Eren x Reader

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DoesBrunoMarsisGay? By Too_Many_Feelz Updated Apr 15, 2015

Titan shifter Reader x Eren

          Your eyes widen as you see Petra get crushed into a tree by Annie. Tears fill your eyes when you hear Eren scream next to you " No! Eren don't!!-" you were cut off by the boy transforming, the force of the explosion flung you like a ragDoll your body hit a branch and it penetrated through you. Your eyes widen as blood drips from your mouth. You stare in front of you as Annie and Eren start fighting, then Annie knocked Erens head off his body, and bit his body out. Your pain increased at that moment. Your eyes fill with complete insanity. You let a bloodcurdling scream before you transformed into a titan. Your body resembled Annie's except your hair was longer and [h/c]. Your titan formed let out a roar and ran at Annie. And kicked successfully knocking the titans feet out from under her, Annie raises her foot and kicks you into a tree. You got up and ran at Annie again you raised your left hand making it seem as though you were going to throw a pu...

You've probably heard the term Mi casa es su casa well in that case........Mikasa is mine!!!!Not yours so go away!!!!
Teary__Eyes Teary__Eyes Nov 04, 2016
I wish Petra didn't die i  the anime because she was so nice
Xrmy_CxtTheBixtch Xrmy_CxtTheBixtch Nov 04, 2016
I died when Petr died..... IT WAS SO SAD!!!! HEICHOU  WAS WATCHING HER AND HE KEPT HER BADGE! HE WATCHED HER AS SHE FELL OUT!!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
rivaiKuroba rivaiKuroba Mar 14, 2016
Reading the sentences with Levi in it is weird for me because my name is Levi :/ this is why I usually read ereri
AnimeRosey AnimeRosey May 29, 2016
I thought it said "Petra get crushed into a tree by anime" and I was like same. But then I realized my mistakes in life.
xXShiperXx xXShiperXx Nov 22, 2016
 #PetraXTree #OTP Btw I loved her to stay but her and Levi we're dating soo.... I only wanted her alive so Hanji could love him but after Petra died she stop her feelings to Levi ;/