Finally- Hayes Grier

Finally- Hayes Grier

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"My eyes widened and I looked around as the guys screamed louder pleading me to say yes. I just looked around pretending to be clueless. I actually wanted to though. Being completely honest here. But he didn't even know me. He didn't like me. I was just a fan.

I looked away at the door and quickly looked back at the boys as I heard all the guys scream at the top of their lungs. Right when I looked up, Hayes' lips were on mine."

Sorry if some things in the story doesn't make sense, or is unrealistic. I didn't have much experience while writing this book, but I promise the second book is much more clear and better because I got experience:) 

So I changed their age to 14 because a lot of you were complaining that they were too young to be doing stuff they were doing;P

herronbirlem herronbirlem Nov 21, 2016
A Hunter rowland fanfic coppied ur story, they used tbe same vine and all
MandM418 MandM418 Dec 30, 2016
Is it Matty (Espinosa)? Or is that just coincidentally they same name?
bruhitzcait bruhitzcait Dec 28, 2016
The one time my name is spelt right is in a fanfic with Hayes grier. Can life get any better ?????
mendesxespinosa486 mendesxespinosa486 Oct 25, 2016
Wait df idek if u guys noticed but it said two older brothers one in 5TH GRADE..............sooooooooooooo how old are?
Champagne_Mami_127 Champagne_Mami_127 Sep 18, 2016
When she said 'short heels' I immediately thought of old grandma church heels😂
its_yaa_boii its_yaa_boii Nov 02, 2016
She was so specific not like "oh it's just 2 minutes down the road" NOPE she has to go and be like "yep it takes me 7 minutes, beat that bitch!" Like do you actually have that much time on your house like, BRUHHH