Finally- Hayes Grier

Finally- Hayes Grier

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"My eyes widened and I looked around as the guys screamed louder pleading me to say yes. I just looked around pretending to be clueless. I actually wanted to though. Being completely honest here. But he didn't even know me. He didn't like me. I was just a fan.

I looked away at the door and quickly looked back at the boys as I heard all the guys scream at the top of their lungs. Right when I looked up, Hayes' lips were on mine."

Sorry if some things in the story doesn't make sense, or is unrealistic. I didn't have much experience while writing this book, but I promise the second book is much more clear and better because I got experience:) 

So I changed their age to 14 because a lot of you were complaining that they were too young to be doing stuff they were doing;P

A Hunter rowland fanfic coppied ur story, they used tbe same vine and all
I would never wear this, well i'm not wearing dresses or skirts sooo...
Wait df idek if u guys noticed but it said two older brothers one in 5TH GRADE..............sooooooooooooo how old are?
When she said 'short heels' I immediately thought of old grandma church heels😂
She was so specific not like "oh it's just 2 minutes down the road" NOPE she has to go and be like "yep it takes me 7 minutes, beat that bitch!" Like do you actually have that much time on your house like, BRUHHH
*walks in on people making babies*
                              "MY EYES! AHHHHH I'M TO YOUNG!!!"