Mae; The Memoirs of Oliver King

Mae; The Memoirs of Oliver King

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Ash Picard By deepest-depths Updated Sep 17, 2017

....I walked to the fiction section focusing in the call numbers on the sides of the books. I spotted the number and reached for the book my own large hand covered the small soft fingers that held the book by its spine.

My eyes slid towards the owner of the hand's face. Her eyes, her skin, her freckles, her hair, her lips and down, her breast, her hips, her bandaged knee, her ankles her feet. She slipped her soft hand out of mine and my heart ceased to beat. 

She hid behind her hair, her beautiful warm golden colored hair, and shuffled back. 

"It's yours," She whispered softly the words dripped from her moist and glossy salmon pink lips. Her voice was like heaven to the ears soft and dreamlike, I felt myself melt inside...

Oliver King has lived a normal life up till this point. An encounter with a shy beauty changes the course of his life forever.

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