Tilting the Tiara

Tilting the Tiara

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basic_slug By basic_slug Updated Apr 29

"He's a bad guy, Jade!"

"So was my father!" 

"He's full of himself." 

"That's coming from your mother. A queen. We all were wrong about the VK's. Our new queen is going to be a VK. It's not wrong. My mother married a poser, a street rat, but he loved my mother. He adored her. He adores me. He's not bad. Not intentionally. His friends are, but he wouldn't hurt anyone on his own. He needs guidance. He needs love. He needs me." 

"True loves kiss works. If we spell him and you break the spell then we know it's meant to be." 

"No! We are not spelling him." 

"He wouldn't notice." 

"Hey he may not be the smartest but it's not your place to make fun of him." 

"Sorry. Please." 

"No. We are doing it the Auradon way."

"You're tilting the Tiara with this one, princess." 

"I always do."