The Truth of Heroes

The Truth of Heroes

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Lucy By chatoyants- Completed

I killed my puppy when I was five. Twelve years have passed and that list of victims has become a whole lot longer.

My world has always been black and white. My vision has never been clouded by feelings of pity or mercy. It has given me my prowess as a skilled assassin in Alethea, and I don't even have magic. Sort of.
I came to this land seeking a nearly impossible to find truth. I didn't come to run from it. How was I supposed to know that truth was a dagger with my name on it?
I'm not the only one with secrets to hide. The truth will always come out. I just don't know if I'll survive to hear it.

The beautiful trailer is made by TheNamelessAngel.
The amazing cover is made by @Ferret-bird.

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FireWritter FireWritter Mar 23, 2017
I want to join you !
                              Seriously, I think this will be good, with this kind of beginning !
NoOneToEveryone NoOneToEveryone Nov 15, 2017
The number of psychopaths here on wattpad amaze me 😂 (no offense lol)
LuanaBastosAraujo LuanaBastosAraujo Jul 23, 2017
Its sad when you are inpatient and read a book in a language that you are not so good and you don't understand the style, just the message.
QV1209 QV1209 Feb 01
I love how you utilize your words. Very descriptive, but not so descriptive you lose your reader. Love it!
SeiyaGin SeiyaGin Apr 07, 2017
Mmmm, a simple child would've taken a selfie and posted it in insta, I see you're quite unique.
PuppetteBoy PuppetteBoy Feb 05, 2017
Why does this person keep thinking about murder, the person acts a lot like me.