The Truth of Heroes ROUGH DRAFT

The Truth of Heroes ROUGH DRAFT

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Lulu By lucida- Completed

I killed my puppy when I was five. Twelve years have passed and that list of victims has become a whole lot longer.

My world has always been black and white. My vision has never been clouded by feelings of pity or mercy. It has given me my prowess as a skilled assassin in Alethea, and I don't even have magic. Sort of.
I came to this land seeking a nearly impossible to find truth. I didn't come to run from it. How was I supposed to know that truth was a dagger with my name on it?
I'm not the only one with secrets to hide. The truth will always come out. I just don't know if I'll survive to hear it.

The beautiful trailer is made by TheNamelessAngel.
The amazing cover is made by elfportal.

2014  Watty's Undiscovered Gem Winner
Featured in 2015

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FireWritter FireWritter Mar 23
I want to join you !
                              Seriously, I think this will be good, with this kind of beginning !
Its sad when you are inpatient and read a book in a language that you are not so good and you don't understand the style, just the message.
SeiyaGin SeiyaGin Apr 07
Mmmm, a simple child would've taken a selfie and posted it in insta, I see you're quite unique.
JonahTaco4 JonahTaco4 Jan 28, 2016
Aren't you underground in the catacombs? Yeah, your going to connect to radio towers 100%
Why does this person keep thinking about murder, the person acts a lot like me.
BoneAdi BoneAdi Jan 09, 2016
You just gave the motivation of your protagonist in his own inner dialogue like he himself didn't know it. Keep the mystery for the reader's sake.