Two Hearts as One: A Robstar Fanfiction

Two Hearts as One: A Robstar Fanfiction

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rachellynn452 By rachellynn452 Updated Aug 18, 2014

Robin POV

 "Are you two coming?" Beastboy called from the hall. "Yeah!" I yelled. I was in my room with Starfire lying across my chest. Ever since the kiss in Japan, Starfire and I were dating. I've always loved Starfire, and now I could openly express that. The feeling was amazing. Starfire climbed off of my bed and walked out of the door. I really didn't want to leave, but I knew that in five more minutes Beastboy would drag me out of my room. I caught up to Starfire and grabbed her hand. Starfire's hands always felt like they were meant to be interlocked with mine, and holding her hand always felt natural. "What movie are we watching?" Cyborg asked Beastboy with excitement decorating the edge of his voice. "Lets see.... We are going to see, Attack of the Vampires," Beastboy replied with a creepy grin. I knew that Starfire would be scared afterwards, but that meant that she would be in my arms through the night. As much as I hated to see her scared, I nodded in approval. 

Starfire ...

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