Rainy Days : A TeenLock Fanfiction

Rainy Days : A TeenLock Fanfiction

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Lana By garbagebaby Completed

Oh hey there. This is going to be kind of a hipster-y sort of story. Coffee shops, bookstores, rainy days, sharing umbrellas, warm jumpers, big blankets, poetry, the whole lot <3 

{( Slutty stuff begins in chapter eight )}

Picture drawn by me.

A book STORE and the owner is letting you just read the books and not buy them?
Women are boring.
                              And look at me
                              I am boring
                              And I'm a woman
                              Deal with it
Clotpoles Clotpoles Aug 03
This whole story so far is basically describing me and my life ARE YOU STALKING ME AUTHOR
AvaHolland AvaHolland Feb 05
Maybe it's not a mistake, after all there are no coincidences. *spaz winks*
Sherlock would hate me I love everyone and I'm extremely loud and weird and an attention whore
Is no one going to talk about the fact that Jawn is chest height to Sherlawk