The human world isn't of any concern to Mallory anymore. High school dramas and Algebra tests are nothing compared to the mess she's been snatched into now. The night in shinning armor that she wasn't looking for came crashing into her life, kidnapped her, and forced the supernatural onto her. Now, as much as she'd love to hate Damien, her kidnapper, she has to depend on him to protect her from the rest of the supernatural world.

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Iglu1011 Iglu1011 Nov 18, 2017
First time but it says a lot of people are rereading I've read Win 3 times and first time was in 2 days.  My eyes hurt  96 chapters qualify and compete about 8 times each and just reread missy the warecat
KEMREZ KEMREZ Apr 18, 2017
😂💀 bitch y u still standing there? 
                              Smile n walk... (Run)
iiLeyLeyii iiLeyLeyii Jan 03
FTR and my name is Ashley so this is cool (I know that's not her name)
bryenah bryenah Mar 25, 2017
I love living in the city! I love the rush, the lights, how lively it is.
Ceebae Ceebae Nov 13, 2017
😂😂😂😂 their are so many other words that could of been used
hakunabooktata hakunabooktata Apr 24, 2017
Bitch don't you got a phone!? Use it tf!! Typical white girl 😂😂😂