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Percabeth in Goode - Completed

Percabeth in Goode - Completed

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Mrs. Logan Lerman By percabeth103721 Updated Jan 03, 2015

Percabeth goes to high school! Exciting, isn't it? But it's not all fun and games. Tons of surprises follow them on their descent back into school, as they deal with regular demigod problems and worse: high school drama! The couple finds themselves buried deep in a battle of love, hardship, and adventure as they struggle to keep up their grades and, more importantly, their relationship. Villains to hate, heroes to love, comedy to cherish, romance to make you swoon, and relentless action will chase you on your ride through this mythology filled series. If you like PJO/HOO, then you'll love this fan fic!              **This book was made BEFORE the releasing of BoO. Please do not be upset with any inaccuracies because the book hadn't come out yet**

LionessQOP LionessQOP Jun 13
Silena Zöe Astrum
                              Mean, popular girl in love with Percy, Percy only tolerated her because her name happens to be the same as two of his deceased friends. 
                              Tanned skin fake
                              Blonde hair fake
                              Blue eyes fake
                              Really: brown hair
                              Brown eyes
                              Normal skin
                              Emma Watson when she played Hermione
Ik I'm late but I wanna do it anyways
                              Moana Talula Jackson 
                              Percy's twin
                              Black fringe with startling sea green eyes, really tall
                              Emo, sarcastic, oblivious, funny, quiet until she gets to know you, loyal
                              Percy's age (5 min younger)
                              Demigod daughter of poseidon
                              Played by someone
Lovelyposeidonkid Lovelyposeidonkid Dec 14, 2016
                                Ares.. doesn't know yet..
                               Nerdy But Violent
                              dark brown hair with blonde tips
                              dark hair
                              Has two unkown weapons that are disquised as bracelets
                               brown glasses
addhjkkgvffjbvf addhjkkgvffjbvf Oct 02, 2016
Bella Quill
                              Curly brown hair, black eyes, short
                              Oblivious, sweet, weird, funny, doesn't want to date anyone really, and sassy
                              Percy and Annabeth age in this book
                              Best friends with Percy
                              She would be Shailene Woodley 😄
mekhi210 mekhi210 Mar 04, 2016
Michael Thomas 
                              Son of Poseiden
                              Looks up to Percy
                              Good at sports
                              And is very handsome
                              Flirts with all girls his age
                              11 years old
bella_1218 bella_1218 Jul 10, 2016
Bell Matthys
                              Athena child
                              Brown eyes
                              Long dark brown hair