X-rated scenes from my stories.

X-rated scenes from my stories.

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tlm1993 By tlm1993 Updated Aug 24, 2012


X-rated scene's from My stories
*Trying to find love!!!!*
 Cassie kissed Seth roughly, He responded after a few minutes wrapping his arms around her pulling her closer. Cassie pull Seth to the car. He forcefully placed his key into the key hole and rush to open it as he could as him and Cassie got in the back. His shirt was off as Cassie placed kisses along and down his neck. Seth said as he pull her shirt off " you wanna go to my house-yes just hurry please". So he rush home as fast as he could. They got to his door his shirt came off again. Seth  unbuttoned her jeans and  nibbled at her ear as he pushed her jeans off her hips. She smiled  as he lay her down on his bed. She ran her fingers up his back. He unclasp her bra and slowly pull it off. She was ready for him she needed him right there. " i need you right now Seth please i am begging you". 

He smiled as he laid down next to her and she look over and grabbed his dick slowly and started moving her tongue before long her ...

FuegoLife FuegoLife May 24, 2017
Shes cheating and why did he not go inside the house and is the room that close to the front door that ethan can hear her i am so confuzzled
Flibutex Flibutex Aug 24, 2013
this is what me and my two friends did last night!! but... how did you know?!?!