When He Returns.

When He Returns.

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Luke Todd Woods.

Those three words always seem to stir up unexpected feelings inside of Rain Winters. It use to be good, intoxicating feelings... But then he left.

He left her behind and ditched her for his dream of becoming famous. Left her in the middle of the road on a stormy night.

The night she scraped together enough courage to say the sacred 'L' word.

It took her two years. Two years to get over it. Two years to get over the fact that he abandoned her when she needed him the most. The only good thing that came from that night being the person it caused her to turn into.

A strong, intelligent and independent seventeen year old girl.

She's happy and her life's finally back to being somewhat great. And then the most horrid thing happens.

He comes back.

Ready to finish his senior year in a highschool of his choice. And he just so happens to pick her highschool.

Little does she know, he's back for nothing less...

Than her heart.


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