Myosotis (Completed)

Myosotis (Completed)

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Veera Dilara By VeeraDilara Completed

It was a cold day in winter when the patrol guards of the Mooncrescent pack saw a basket flowing in a river nearby.  
Intrigued by the mysterious situation, they approached the lake only to find the unexpected :
A baby,  a little girl with unusual orange blue eyes.  

18 years later,  Iris finds her self getting married to the man she loves the most and her Childhood sworn enemy : The new Alpha of the moon crescent pack.

What happens when, while exchanging their vows, her soon to be husband growls and says the one word that shatters Iris's heart to shreds:
"-Mine "
Soon enough,  the man who swore eternal love to a human finds himself torn between the love he has for her and the undeniable attraction he feels for the new girl... 

What happens when Iris discovers that she's everything but a human once she meets her own mate ?  Will she give in and forget about her passionate love or will she defy the moon goddess for what they call "the mate bond" 
Follow Iris on her journey as she goes through pain,  anger and sadness only to come to the epitome of her existence... 

"Forget me not... "