Trust, Heal and Love

Trust, Heal and Love

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Young mother Clare has been on the run for a year. Living in fear, she's continuously on the move; determined to keep herself and young daughter safe.

Escaping her old pack and her abusive ex-partner in order to save her newborn daughters life, Clare had two choices.

Run or die. 

With her daughter starving, desperation takes over and she does the only thing she knows. Steal. Coming across a Pack House in an unknown territory she takes a chance and breaks in. 

Luck isn't on her side and she's apprehended by the Packs Third in Command.

The last thing she wants is to find out the Packs Beta is her mate. 

Follow Clare on her journey as she overcomes her struggles, heals and learns to trust and love again.

Cover created by Sweet_chilli

  • abuse
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  • cut
  • death
  • depression
  • flashback
  • heal
  • hospital
  • love
  • panicattack
  • ptsd
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SueZeq SueZeq Feb 01
Yep...unfortunately..that's all the brainwashing that happens
shyanne899 shyanne899 Apr 01, 2017
To be honest when someone you love deep down hurt you with the fake love. That is the time you believe there to be no love
We do not know her life story. I learned that scientifically proven we as people get into relationships we experienced up to the age of five. So the relationships we are in depends on our childhood up to the age of five
999binga 999binga Nov 12, 2017
All of you are wrong, very wrong. I think you guys are man haters
SayYouLuvMe SayYouLuvMe Aug 02, 2016
I have faith that this will be amazing, I finally found a book that's not about a girl finding out her mate is an alpha after being abused by her previous pack
SyIfern SyIfern Nov 12, 2015
Tis the mindset of the abuse victim. :(
                              It's a vicious cycle, and the more the victim allows the abuse, the more they deny it.
                              We can't understand it because it has never happened to us, fortunately. Poor her.