I'll Stay Babe (Zayn Malik)

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ᴍ :ᴅ (ᴏʀ ᴍᴇʟ) By sheXfanciesXhim Updated 2 years ago
It started with a Starbucks cup and an insane Greyhound to get them to meet. Sofia Thanos is a laid back girl with a passion for cooking. Zayn Malik is a British popstar whose band, One Direction, is winning the hearts of people all around the world.
Wait?! I thought Cordon Bleu is chicken with cheese and ham inside...?!
This is what my friends tell me... It's quite funny actually...
my life consists of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, books, eating a lot of food and sleeping hahaha
And my siblings just play with random stuff they find on the house.
Well in my household, my dad is the King of the kitchen, my mum takes care of the bills, and the kids eat all the food
Γειαα:) Εεμ..είναι λίγο δύσκολο να γράψεις 'φαγητό' στα Αγγλικά, δεν είναι; Anyway, είναι ολοκληρωμένη ιστορία. :)