Aren't You Tempted? (Antisepticeye x reader)

Aren't You Tempted? (Antisepticeye x reader)

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You're a girl who lives by yourself in an apartment. you have a job to survive with but life gets pretty dull. So In order to escape from your boring life alone, you decided to make your own youtube channel. You're just starting out so it's expected that you don't have a whole lot of subscribers, but you know after watching your favorite Youtuber, Jacksepticeye, you can grow and form a great community. And maybe even get the chance to make it a career. 

But then something happened as you were watching another Jacksepticeye video. Everything changed, and now all you are left with, is an opportunity that could change your entire youtube career, and the fact that there's someone there with you. Watching. 
                                                  P̨͉͎̩ͨͥ̅ͮͬṟ̸̯̝̞̰̳̦̃͛̑͒̄ȯ̪͎̝̪̜̰͙̓v̞͇̥͖̫̲̊̾ͪo̓̒̽͒k̳͓̝͔̫̟͍i͉͎̭̰̽n͔̟̞͙ͅgͪ̇͋̅͐͆̎ ͕͍̼͚̤͇͊̔̏͛͜

Contains strong language, blood, violence, ❌possible trigger warnings❌and smut (In some sort of way that may be called smut but not like the really smutty smut that smut is seen as and Is therefore is called smut. It is actually cringy and I apologize in advance because I actually hate it but I gave the people what they wanted)

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