The Life Of The Exorcist

The Life Of The Exorcist

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[Highest rank #8 in Horror] The story is of an old woman who is now 90 and is waiting for the Angel of the Death to arrive but before she goes . She has to do one last thing , To tell her experiences to the world , To you .

She has worked as a Paranormal Investigator and a Psychic . She has performed Exorcisms , seen ghosts , spirits  and  devils . She also has  a storage , A storage of things you don't  want  in your house not because you don't want them but because You are scared of them . She collects them in her basement. 

Her name is Clare.

Read the story of Clare Warren "The Story of the Exorcist"

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aprilgrr85 aprilgrr85 Sep 17, 2017
I would rephrase "I was able to see things from my childhood." I get it. But it sounds like Clare knew her childhood before it happened? Perhaps, "It started in my childhood. I could see death." Something like that.
TessieGirl98 TessieGirl98 Oct 02, 2017
As all the other privatebookclub members have already commented the best editing to the para so I won't say anything and that's quite a lot to see the dead
optimistic_tears optimistic_tears Oct 01, 2017
That's a tragic life I guess, only to watch the pain and sufferings of people.
khida3 khida3 Sep 30, 2017
                              I think the other members have already commented what I wanted to say. the part would be better if you use other alternate words for to see. And I think it went a bit fast but considering you were trying to so that it's good. We'll for the rest was beautiful.
dcmitchell dcmitchell Nov 12, 2017
I really liked this opening! It was sweet whilst still promoting at a darker narrative in the future. The only mistake I could see was the first paragraph "a able too see". Other than that it was really good
aprilgrr85 aprilgrr85 Sep 17, 2017
I see what you are trying to do. I would just write "I was able to see the dead and other unearthly beings." (I don't know all that clare can see yet.)