Blackmailed  (teacher/student ,bxm)

Blackmailed (teacher/student ,bxm)

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Micha Scott is a  seventeen year old senior .  He's smart, accidentally popular,  witty and most of all rich ,living in an old  mansion  with his absent parents , spirited housekeeper and his  best friend- her daughter, Mae. He goes to a prestigious college preparatory academy and  dates their famous ,29  year old  English lit. teacher , Alistair Sanders. 
Their relationship is different from most- not only is it illegal but Alistair is a tall, steaming hot cup of Greek god  equipped with whips, chains, ball gags.... but with an extremely playful ,carefree  side. 
They thought  that no one knew that they're dating or about their relationship behind closed doors but one day a ransom letter is left at Alistair's desk asking for five hundred thousand dollars or their secret's out. 
  Alistair's career  will be ruined , 
Micha's family can't know he's gay, the family business would crumble with the news. 
All in all their lives will be ruined.

I need me some man whore stat so I wrote this.... 

and here's the warning in 5...4...3....2....1. 

WARNING :contains   sex between an older man and a minor, man on boy action and softcore BDSM. 
cover done by @ColoredChrome

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