Rocking and Rebelling {Guns N Roses// Slash}

Rocking and Rebelling {Guns N Roses// Slash}

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Therealkh By therealKH Updated Jun 23, 2018

I never knew I would love a cigarette so much, nor would I ever have thought I'd need a light at the right moment. 
I groaned leaning against the building. I just need one freaking light, but my lighter decides to give up on me at the worst time possible. 

"Maddie, just come on. It's cold and this place creeps me out." Maggie whined looking around skeptically. 

"Maggie, I just went through that whole concert without a cig. I desperately need just one freaking puff. I can't smoke at the front of the building so that is why we came behind. Plus, it was too hot in there anyways." I once again tried to light up my cig but my lighter obviously was out. 

"You're going to get cancer." She said rolling her eyes and I flashed her a grin going back to my cig.

"Uh, Maddie." Maggie whispered. 

"Damn it." I muttered trying to light it again. Please someone just help me out. 

"Maddie!" Maggie yelled whispered. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Need a light?" I heard and turned and the lighter fell from my hands. 

"Slash." I mumbled.

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