Pregnant to the Alpha

Pregnant to the Alpha

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Ester Jordan By everybodyneedslov Completed

Cassie Mayer is a werewolf. Cassie is known as the school's biggest nerd. She reads, she gets straight A's, and she lives in the shadow of her older sister Emily. Every time a book is thrown at her head, she asks herself if all this is worth it? She decides its time for her to change. Within a day, she is transformed. She goes to school and every guy wants to take her home; she couldn't be happier. Then she meets her mate and Alpha, Jason Agulera. It couldn't get better. The next week Cassie feels weird. She finds out that she's pregnant.    

And then, the unthinkable happens.

 Rated: PG-13; includes mature content such as bad language, graphic assault scenes, and teen pregnancy

Cassie and Alice go through hell. So what happens when they meet again?

TRIGGER WARNING!!!!! Some chapters may be too intense for persons sensitive to situations involving sexual assault and assault in general. Read with caution!

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