Kindling of Frost and Ashes (Phoenix Chronicles Book 3)

Kindling of Frost and Ashes (Phoenix Chronicles Book 3)

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The battle at Osha castle is won, and the Militia now holds tentative power over Braskey. 

Roman Treck leads under Lady Helena's counsel and Aundreya Leyera's attentive caresses, but deep inside he knows something is wrong. A tickling feeling reminds him that all is not what it seems, and dreams remind him of the friends he once had.

Noelle Leyera lies scarred in a dungeon, slave to her twin sister's cruel, manipulative games. But the longer Noelle stays in the dungeon, the deeper she dives into an untapped power that might be her only hope for salvation. 

Maverick Knight and Gwen Tremaine are on the run with Maverick's Watcher, Finny, and the mysterious Lieutenant Port.  Stay hidden to stay alive -- that's the game. But all of them know there will come a time when they must return to Osha and face Helena once again. A time when it will mean death for one and crowning achievement for the other.

Eric Lee has lost everything: his love, his family, and his position as commander of the Army. There's nothing worth living for, and he feels his insides going cold, his humanity slipping away. With the cold comes a darkness, a wickedness he didn't know possible.

Phoenix Knight has given her life for those she loves, but she isn't done yet. With the help of the Watchers Altair and Castor, Phoenix must save not only her brothers but find a little boy who holds the key to the destruction of the ultimate traitor. 

Phoenix must reunite with her friends and family to pull off the ultimate coup--to destroy an Ancient more powerful than even Castor or Altair, a traitor hiding in plain sight.

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kgthecrazy kgthecrazy Aug 29, 2017
Wow!!!!! Update! Made my day  😊😊
                              This long wait has come to an end.
                              So happy.
SwimmerGirlSA SwimmerGirlSA Jul 24, 2017
Eric turns evil what! You are the best and cruelest writer ever
Miles_Tingcang Miles_Tingcang Aug 29, 2017
SeraFJ SeraFJ Aug 17, 2017
Totally love your series Madam Author........ August 31st come @ me already....can't wait! ☺☺
janie7952 janie7952 Jul 24, 2017
Yeah! I can hardly wait to see how you twist and turn this plot! I just loved reading the first two
-ailes- -ailes- Dec 09, 2017