Dragon Born: Book I of the Tendaaren Chronicles

Dragon Born: Book I of the Tendaaren Chronicles

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Welcome to a world filled with demons and dragons. Where nothing is ever as it seems and trust is a fools luxury. Do you think our world is unconnected? Are you so naive to think that you are alone and that no one is watching?

In this world, there is a darkness, a deep and unrelenting cruelty that can only be solved by those that choose to move beyond it. This is no paltry romance. This is not the story of betrothal or rebellious love. This is a story far more real and far more unforgiving.

This is the story of people. Real people who will face the unthinkable, and endure the unforgivable. They will do it all to save people they do not know, for a cause and a war they do not fully understand. Too long has Scelestra, the queen of nightmares, been permitted to unleash her cruelty on this defenseless world.

Nothing in this Tendaara is insignificant, nothing is unplanned, everything has a purpose that brings darkness or light. It has been 150 years since Eleanor died. 150 years where our heroes have been patient and waiting. Waiting for a girl who does not even know who she is. Waiting for a girl who is trapped in her own nightmare. A girl that must save herself to save the world.

Review-by Lieutenantfriendly--
"You know that one book that you are up until like 7am reading and then you realize that it's 7am and you just pulled an all-nighter because the book was just THAT good? Well, um, that pretty much sums up my reading experience of the tendaaren chronicles. Once I began reading I just COULD NOT stop! 
laorangerose did an AMAZING job at crafting such a well, amazing, story. I loved every single moment of reading and I crave for more lmao. "

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3rd place for adventure with a score of 22/25 in the 2017 Penguin Awards.
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