I Will Love You Forever ✔️ (#1)

I Will Love You Forever ✔️ (#1)

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Completed In Love Series Book 1

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked, glaring at him while he forcefully dragged me out of class.

"You told me you need help, and here I am!"  Blake yelled. 

"Where did that come from?!  What are you even talking about?!" I screamed at him.

"I know you talked to Ryder about your situation. " My eyes widen and I yanked my hands out from his grasp .
"I hate you..." I growled and starting to turn around to walk back to class.
" You don't mean that... I love you, goddamn it! " He shouted that loud that the students around us stopped what they're doing and looked at us. I stopped walking.
  Before I can make a move to turn around, he beat me to it and slammed his soft pink lips against mine. 
Meet Jade Williams, typical fat, nerd and loner you will meet in the school, but she's not how you depict it. She only have 2 best friends, Layla and Edward. They've known each other since they were 6. Jade is not the type to socialize with people, especially people thinking that they're royalty, and that's probably why she was labelled as a "loner " at bottom of the school's social chain. 
And on the other hand, Blake Riley,  the school's most popular, hottest and sexiest bad boy. Typical school bad boy with his signature black leather jacket and boots. All the girls drool over him, but he didn't give a shit about them. He was mysterious, he was one of the 5 Musketeers with Jason, William, Ryder and Andy. 
  What happens when the nerd met the school's bad boy just because of biology pop quiz and they became friends? and soon lovers? 
  When both of them get to know each other, their hearts slowly aches, but why? Will they heal? Or is it only one of them? 
  Read it to find out more
  * Sort of a cliche story *