Urban story

Urban story

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ChinaWhite By ChinaWhite_ Updated Jun 19

Hey guys thanks for coming to check out my book. This my first story I'm wrinting and I hope you guys enjoy. & please follow! Thanks!

Chapter one

I wa 14 years old in the 9th grade. It was after school and I was sitting in front of my school "Washington High" waiting on my big brother to come pick me up. While I was sitting there listening to music on my phone minding my own business, I felt someone yank my earphones out my ears that kinda startled me.

"Whats up Ashley baby?" I looked up to see this guy name Tyrone and two of his friends standing in front of me. He was one of those pretty popular guys that went to my school and had all the girls on him. He was a senior in high school, tall, light skin, with curly hair, green eyes and tattos everywhere. I can't even lie that boy was fine but I couldn't stand his ass. He was a hoe, he thought he was all that, and rude as fuck.

"Boy I am not your baby" I said as I rolled my eyes and was about to put my ear phone back in my ear.


I really like this it reminds me of the movie brotherly love,  baby and June have so much in common
A nigga Caint play me . 
                              I got 4 brothers .
                              I know the game 💯
NewBlues NewBlues Jun 26
"She eyeing me like a nigga don't exist, Girl I know want this dick"- Kendrick Lamar 😂😂😂✌
That was a damn good way to start off your story. I'll be reading more later on keep it up ☺
VirgoLove87 VirgoLove87 Jan 07
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