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Urban story

Urban story

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ChinaWhite By ChinaWhite_ Updated Dec 20, 2016

Ashley was your normal teenage girl from the hood who had it good with a promising future due to her support system, her La Familia. With a strong foundation behind her she aint have no worries but to make her family proud by continuously exceeding in school. But all that living good in the hood came to an end for Ashley when the horrible tragedy of the death and murders of her immediate family, turning her world upside down. Being thrown and the system and force to stay with her evil aunt her life spiraled down hill. She lost herself when she lost her family and was making all the wrong decisions in life. Feeling all alone and forced to take care of herself she did what anybody would do from the hood to survive, went to the streets. But like they say these streets ain't' for everybody and Ashley was on the road towards self destruction. That's until an old friends of the family stumbles back into her life catching her before she could completely hit rock bottom, Poppi.

After being gone for 3 years Poppi was self made entrepreneur back in his hometown L.A California, who at the club scene on lock. Being a young boss at the age of 23 and with a legitimate business and pull from the streets, he was a very powerful and respected man who had the city in the palm of his hands. With a finance in the military and owning multiple business Poppi main priority was Ashley and to get her life back on track when he got accepted back into her life. But seeing little Ashley all grown up through his lust seeking eyes; along with having a little soft spot for her, Poppi was enthralled by her beauty causing him to have deeper then normal feelings towards her.

What will happen when he take on the role of guardianship thats turns into a lecherous addiction. Will he act on these forbidden desires or will he fight the temptation holding back knowing it will go against everything he ever stood for.

LoveThyNy24 LoveThyNy24 Jan 17
Y'all petty for going in on her for saying "felled" 😂😂😂
This is one of my biggest fears, honestly don't know what I'd do if I lost my brother
liyahwiah liyahwiah Dec 25, 2016
I would never work at forever 21 everything is a mess in there and the lines be crowded
ImRudee ImRudee Dec 31, 2016
Sound like sumn my mama would say "im the only mf that gets to ask questions out her round this bitch."
NewBlues NewBlues Jun 26, 2016
"She eyeing me like a nigga don't exist, Girl I know want this dick"- Kendrick Lamar 😂😂😂✌
liyahwiah liyahwiah Dec 25, 2016
Tyrone cheating, and you should go go back and read your story for any grammar mistakes before you publish it