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Hooked (teenlock)

Hooked (teenlock)

52K Reads 3.2K Votes 16 Part Story
Striksette By Striksette Completed

Sherlock Holmes is a teen with a curse. Well, not exactly a curse- in fact, some call it a gift. His mind automatically analyzes any item or scene in front of him, unwelcome words popping into his sight and providing him with information he doesn't need. However, his pain and problems are lessened when he meets John Watson, a guy with a past that could bring nightmares to any reasonable person. Together, they grow close while sipping steaming cups of tea in a local cafe- and also by working together to solve the brutal murder of a peer.

jinxloverneko jinxloverneko Aug 17, 2016
Go eat your cake *cough we'll talk while they sleep cough* Mycroft nods head fibe
jinxloverneko jinxloverneko Aug 17, 2016
*hobbit the hedgehog named John makes whiplash sound as he basks in the handsomeness of Sherlock in his PSOS*
Ashley1012414 Ashley1012414 Dec 19, 2016
All I could think of when Sherlock is pushing past John is, "Move, I'm gay."
jinxloverneko jinxloverneko Aug 17, 2016
GET MS. HUDDERS LET THE SHIPPING BEGIN *gets RobertIdk to make a JohnLock song_
kilyablitz kilyablitz Nov 25, 2015
Sherlock heard that and walked back to Mycroft. "I know about yours "
_-gb-_ _-gb-_ Jun 20, 2015
@Scarlett_Watson he can make deductions based on prior knowledge and memory? anyways, when you use deductive reasoning skills, you don't see white text everywhere or use your hand to swipe through data, you just think.