How To Capture The Crow

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Kaycee By SkipTootheloo Updated a year ago
Emma, an aspiring pianist leaves home after a series of horrific events. While exploring the city she encounters a strange girl that ignites her curiosity, Raven. Raven is a lost soul trapped in a curse that has destroyed her family and anyone who she loved. Will Raven find a cure, or will Emma become the next fatality? Only one thing is for sure. Not all is as it seems in this dark and twisted world.
this is an amazing story. sexual abuse kills, trust me i would know, but rape but be even worse. going to the rapist for help... you mustv researched this stuff a lot, going to the offender for help is something you feel you should do. or i find at least. but yeah, bravo!
@SkipTootheloo Turning out really well so far. Like I said, you have a lot of talent.
wow really awesome i dont know why but when im invisioning whats happening in this book its all very dark and shadowy... im wondering about my sanity.
Wow... she really has no one to go to...
                                    Going to the rapist for help...
                                    That's tough. That would be tough for me to even just write. Tough to read.
                                    Great story so far. Lots of talent here.
Ohh... well that's tough. Good luck on your work and school.. heh.. the story is great so far.. keep it up :)
why so short?.... :O heh.. nice.. pity emma though.. upload soon! :)