His Angel of Mercy (ON TEMP. HIATUS)

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Anita By AnitaMisra Updated 3 years ago
Angelina was used to fending for herself in a lonely corner of Dartmoor with her small yet devoted household to keep her company. After her parents died and left her with only the house to call her own, Angelina's one over-ruling concern was to look after Brooklyn Grange. Her solitary existence is threatened with the advent of a stranger in the middle of a freak snowstorm; and on top of that, the man doesn't even have the courtesy of remembering his own name.
Oooh, I bet this story is going to be so great.. =) It's already so intriguing!! xxx
You are a really good writer!! The Stevens family make me really mad!! How could they be so cruel??
Well, as usual, you have completely captured my attention. Your writing is absolutely amazing (have I said that before? Oops...) and your plots are always so creative and real. I love this beginning, and I can't wait to read more! :-)
@AnitaMisra You are a wonderful writer! Of course it'll keep my interest. :)
Good story!!!! I love your descriptions. You are a great writer!
@AnitaMisra Don't make it a short story :) It has the feel of a novel to it. I'll be greatly disappointing if you cut the intrigue short! (Nah, I won't... I'll probably be equally impressed)
                                    Thanks for the dedication, sweetie... :) xxx