The Girl With the Diamond Blade- Nico di Angelo x Reader (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

The Girl With the Diamond Blade- Nico di Angelo x Reader (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

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You, meaning you the reader, have a normal life in upstate New York. One day, an event takes place that will change your life forever. 

I do not own you, Nico di Angelo, etc. 

Cover art belongs to Viria.

This story takes place after The Last Olympian, but before The Lost Hero (or, as an inside joke, The Misplaced Protagonist). So yeah, Nico's still depressed, Percabeth hasn't , and the Seven aren't a thing yet. So nope, you won't get any Leo awesomeness in this. .-. Sorry.

Ha, this sounds like me!
                              Funny story, Two teebage boys made fun of my friend by calling him a coward. I ended up chasing them halfway up the block calling them cowards. They ran away. And I was only Twelve. Ya they sure got scared that day.
dokado1106 dokado1106 5 days ago
Holy shet, I'm Toby's sister
                              AIN'T NOBODY GOIN' TO HURT ME CUZ MAH BRO'S GONNA KILL YA
maekilledsomeone maekilledsomeone Dec 30, 2016
but... im an idiot i can't be an Athena child. Like excuse you I'm an apollo spawn
Antlerca Antlerca Feb 09
Me before I read the PJO books: Whew sucks for you man that's harsh. 
                              Me after I read the PJO books: OMG ITS A SATYR
I'm really smart when I want to be, but  I'm really a daughter of Hecate, so why.
Antlerca Antlerca Feb 09
Like for instance, three old ladies at a fruit stand knitting socks meant for Godzilla, and don't get me started of those old ladies getting on the bus and turning into Furies all the while managing to explode the bus.