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The Girl With the Diamond Blade- Nico di Angelo x Reader (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

The Girl With the Diamond Blade- Nico di Angelo x Reader (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

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Valerie By xReaderWriter Completed


You, meaning you the reader, have a normal life in upstate New York. One day, an event takes place that will change your life forever. 

I do not own you, Nico di Angelo, etc. 

Cover art belongs to Viria.

This story takes place after The Last Olympian, but before The Lost Hero (or, as an inside joke, The Misplaced Protagonist). So yeah, Nico's still depressed, Percabeth hasn't , and the Seven aren't a thing yet. So nope, you won't get any Leo awesomeness in this. .-. Sorry.

Athena? how in Poseidon's underpants did i become an Athena kid😂
Me in story: HA! Take that!
                              Me in real life: *quickly lets go of stick* GAH! Eww, gross! *starts wiping hand with a cloth that magically appeared*
I will use my soul gem to transform and beat them up 
                              My soul gem is black 
                              My outfit is a black corset with black leather matching skirt and black leather jacket with a yellow neckerchief and black high heeled boots. most people here probably have no clue what I am talking about
That screams Satyr. I mean really awesome sushi loving Satyr. I want one like that. I looooooove sushi
Eight inches I see...
                              You know what else is eight inches
                              Nicos dic-
                              Now for a break....
                              Do you want to be a bee!?
                              Buy super bee spray!
Is it a tradition that both, the demigod and the Satyr get bullied?