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The Girl With the Diamond Blade- Nico di Angelo x Reader (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

The Girl With the Diamond Blade- Nico di Angelo x Reader (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

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Valerie By xReaderWriter Completed


You, meaning you the reader, have a normal life in upstate New York. One day, an event takes place that will change your life forever. 

I do not own you, Nico di Angelo, etc. 

Cover art belongs to Viria.

This story takes place after The Last Olympian, but before The Lost Hero (or, as an inside joke, The Misplaced Protagonist). So yeah, Nico's still depressed, Percabeth hasn't , and the Seven aren't a thing yet. So nope, you won't get any Leo awesomeness in this. .-. Sorry.

Me in story: *stabs threw eye with stick*
                              Me in real life: *keeps stabbing* HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Sathana59 Sathana59 Jun 03
Yup, that's me. Mess with my only friend and you'll get more than your butt kicked!
Me in story: HA! Take that!
                              Me in real life: *quickly lets go of stick* GAH! Eww, gross! *starts wiping hand with a cloth that magically appeared*
Is it a tradition that both, the demigod and the Satyr get bullied?
A lot when your a demigod. Also never ask a question like that because than bad things happen.
This reminds me...I was in class and we were talking about greek myths and then a girl was like remember that half goat from Hercules. Well that triggered me af and I stood up on my seat and shouted (more like shrieked) at her:
                              IT'S CALLED A STAYR MORTAL.'
                              And I got detention