Blurring The Lines Prompts

Blurring The Lines Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Apr 29

                Prompt: A prompt when Jin jumped out the window during class

                A.N.- I figured I could write this one even while BTL is still ongoing because it doesn't spoil anything. I'll write the Karson one too, but I won't post it until probably next week because it has spoilers from a chapter that hasn't been posted yet! Also this takes place a year before Kai comes to the Academy


                Jin looked down at his notebook as he scribbled in the back of it. He'd stopped paying attention ten minutes ago as his teacher, Mrs. Swanson, rambled on and on about...well, he wasn't sure what anymore. He'd lost track by now.

                Karson didn't look like he was fairing much better with paying attention. He kept tearing pieces out of his notebook, rolling them into little balls, and flicking them at Jin.

                Another hit Jin in the arm and he let it join the growing pile on the ground. God, he was so bore...

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