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The Mistress [nalu]

The Mistress [nalu]

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Ms. Heartneel By AxNutellaxTurtle Updated Oct 05, 2016

(UNDER EDITING! Time skips are off) Lucy wasn't always so cold and heartless, but only Natsu remembers her old lovable self. He desperately wants to know what happened to his childhood friend over the years they were separate, but he doesn't get that chance because now... She is his mistress, his master. 

Natsu doesn't do much for his mistress. She tends to keep herself locked up in her room away from people. When she dose come out its either to her father calling or to eat. Its ironic, but Natsu almost feels like he is a burden to her when the main reason he is there is to serve her. 

Suddenly, circumstances change drastically and cause Natsu to get very involved with Lucy's life. The life she kept a secret from everyone. 

What had Lucy been hiding? 

Did the loveable Lucy really change?

Will Natsu get back his old Lucy or ever see her smile again?  

Will Lucy live long enough to smile again?______________________________________________________________  Inspired by the Nalu fan fictions Gambling man & Just a Prize
Cover rights go to NeonVolts

roleibien965 roleibien965 7 days ago
Wings_of_Books Wings_of_Books Jun 25, 2016
Wow. He TOTALLY gets an award for the Best Dad Of The Year right?
- - Apr 18, 2016
Ohh Nuh...In the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit...Amen....
Smol_Angel Smol_Angel May 18, 2016
Oh darn it now I have to pick up the table I threw down 😤
PrincessLevyMcgarden PrincessLevyMcgarden Nov 27, 2015
Her father must of done something to her.JUDE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU BETTER FIX THIS NOW
ClarissaDrake ClarissaDrake Nov 10, 2015
At first I thought it said 'his foot was still in front of him' not 'his food was still in front of him.' I was really confused for a moment....