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Ciel x Reader The Demon Inside

Ciel x Reader The Demon Inside

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FanficGirl2727 By FanficGirl2727 Completed


This is the story of you and how you come to know Ciel and Sebastian. Other characters are going to be in this story. Anyway Ciel is a demon along with Sebastian who is forever his butler, but when Ciel rescues you from danger what will happen after everything is lost? You meet a lot of things in this adventure and start to feel something grow, but what is this feeling? Come and find out in The Demon Inside all about you, Ciel, and a little about Sebastian. COMPLETED! ALSO SEQUELS OUT! GO AND READ IT!

Gasp* I haven't gotten far soooo IS SHADE GONNA TURN INTO A PERSON !?!? If so go stuffed animals turning into people
Wait...I thought the reader is thirteen. Why am I carrying a stuffed wolf like a six year old? My younger cousin has a stuffed wolf named midnight. He's eight.
I have an eye patch over my left eye because I have a light blue eye and a lime green eye the green is covered
You can't even tell I have eyelashes because they're a really REALLY bright red
NeonCrystal78 NeonCrystal78 3 days ago
I had flashbacks of the episode where Sebastian is tightening the dress that Ciel had on....
Undertaker time!!! I need a coffin because I'm planning my own dead fathers funeral