The Ultimate Sin (BoyXBoy)

The Ultimate Sin (BoyXBoy)

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SAMPLE: You're Not My Type is being published! Because of this only a sample can be left up. I will post a link where you can buy the full novel soon. Thx xx

(Book 1) Edited version is available! Search it on my profile (:

Jessie is everything everyone wants. He's smart, funny, hot, and the preacher's son. He lives in a small town where everyone knows each other and everything is judged by what is good by the bible, but what happens when a new boy stirs something in Jessie that is not right? Weird things start to happen when Zane comes around, starting with the giant wolf in the forest and ending with sinful feelings for another man. Will Jessie let into his feelings or will he be destroyed by a jealous ex of Zane's before he can?  ........................................................ *this book contains sexual encounters between males and explicit details, so if you're not up for that, don't look*

∆Ultimate Sin Series∆

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Chill_Fam Chill_Fam Aug 15, 2017
Oh your the pastors son huh? Bless your poor unfortunate soul....
Chill_Fam Chill_Fam Aug 15, 2017
Well no that's not how you should start out honey! But I'm a rereader so you know😂❤️
EmmaTonner EmmaTonner Jul 19, 2017
Would love to chat about publishing The Ultimate Sin! Email me:
Quiet1Al Quiet1Al Dec 28, 2016
When parents want you to live the life they think they should have lived if they hadn't made the mistakes they did.
only1afton only1afton Dec 07, 2016
My mom was lucky I got up and went to school let alone get A's.
FarAwayNeverLand FarAwayNeverLand Dec 31, 2016
Omfg his dad is a huge representation of mine. Lol. I thought I was the only one