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~Hetalia lemons~

~Hetalia lemons~

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Eyeless Jack By tailsthefoxfan717 Updated Jan 12, 2015

Heller~ I'm using my OC character Cornastonia's 1p/2p for this,Cornastonia isn't a real country,I know this but OC is for 'Original Character' and all the other countries have a least one character design for them so...yeah,here's a link to see what she looks like~ Look up Cornastonia on quotev to find out what she looks like o3o (The link won't work...)

I'm also using my OC Greenland's 1p

*le swoons* Italia~~ say dat to me too gawd darn it!! >:'U And what's up with people blaming Francey-pants? He's the innocent (not THAT type, the other one) one here. Italy has always been a perv/flirt/womanizer thingy. =.=
MangoShine MangoShine Apr 24
This is the first time I've seen 'perverted' and 'Italy' in the same sentence.
Did anyone else read 'Original Character' as 'Original Cracker'
Norwayaph Norwayaph Mar 01
Me:Norwayyyy! -runs after him- me: get ur gay ass back over here! Him:you'll never get meeeee! France:honhonhonhonhonhonhonhon
Norwayaph Norwayaph Mar 01
Me:I'm gonna get u 2 you French bastard! France:honhonhonhonhonhonhonhon!
le-fanfic-queen88 le-fanfic-queen88 Apr 18, 2015
xD that's so cool. i am in RP with a friend, and we are both countries, and I am Greenland in the RP xD