My Blind Mate <3 [Editing]

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Ashley Oakes By AshleyMOakes Completed
Adrian's POV
    "Dad, Wyatt, Brian, Lissa, Kassidy, and everyone else of the pack Kaitlyn here is my mate." 
    The pack just stared at us more but our family was happy for us and congratulated us. Her parents were super excited. Her mother and friend Kassidy went to start planning our coming out party which meant our Engagement Party. I gulped. I hoped Kaitlyn wasn't mad at me for telling the pack elders and members that. As soon as Kaitlyn's parents had gone out the other pack members came one by one or couples came up to us and congratulated us. Although I didn't hear her speak until after everyone cleared out of the room. 
    After we were alone for a couple more minutes she asked "Why did you say anything?" "Well I'm used to speaking up and voicing my opinions on things but I never thought you would be my mate."
    Will Kaitlyn's life change now or will it stay the same? Join Kaitlyn, Adrian, Kassidy, Hayes, Wyatt and the rest of the pack on this adventure. Read and Find out More....
@funnygurlz i looked at it aaand my phone crashed o.o daaym...
Sorry, but all i could think about was cantaloup as his last name. 
@AnnaWitt or It could be drinking glasses I know it's stupid but that's what I thought she meant hah I am sooo stupid
but i thought wolves heal? or is if because she hasn't shifted yet when the incident happened?
@AnnaWitt could be sunglasses i know some blind people wear them because their eyes are sensitive to light even if they cant see it and also because my friend says it makes her feel wierd staring straight ahead so it better to have them covered than just staring ahead at nothing
Wow!  It's already pretty good, and I'm just on the first chapter... There's already a whole bunch of depth and character plot.  The only negative thing I would say is that all of the terminology got confusing for me, but otherwise, it's great!