What if Renesmee was never born? Would Jacob still be fighting for Bella's heart, even though she's married? Or will he imprint on someone else? Would they still be happy with their lives, even though they never experienced Renesmee's birth or Jacob's imprint? If Renesmee was never born, how would their lives be changed?
I'm a little late... but I've read this book 4 times. I LEGIT love it!
Just started reading this, its pretty good... just having a hard time with the spacing issues. makes it feel like one sentence at a time instead of a story
                                    Don't make fun of Gerkinsnobeeloonoo! Why can't hish, be ignolaged in the book!
                                    ( Hish... Yeah... It's a he/she! Don't laugh, heshy, was born a demented imph okay!!! )
Damn That's pretty Intence... It was... Gerkinsnobee - loo... noo!
                                    Gerkinsnobeeloonoo changes Bella into a vampire! Yeah - Hot name right!
Liked it! Haven't read a Twilight book in awhile! Now i know how much i miss it :)
Again I loved it the second time I read it lol. Can't wait till you upload again. Going to bed now have a good night or day where ever your at LOL. Ttyl.