The Prince Wolf and Omega

The Prince Wolf and Omega

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NilHeart By NilHeart Updated Apr 17, 2018

All my life I have been keeping secrets. I have been the clandestine. No one knew about me. But they always meddle with my life, asking me to go out and be friends. I like how invisible and covert I am sometimes. I love to hide. I cannot bear the attention or else I'll be in danger because one way or another my secrets will be out. Because no truth shall never be revealed.

But then one day, a massive celebration held. I look out from the window and I saw him. He's tall and lean. The way he carries himself clearly says he is above everyone else. He is so powerful just by looking at him and when you feel his presence, it makes you cower in fear and subordination.  He catches me looking at him and stares back. I gasped when I get to see his eyes... hazel colored. I didn't know he is after all, our Prince.

I can't predict what's going to happen to me anymore when he found out one of my secrets but I can predict one thing... I know he will pay attention now but what I didn't expect is for him to claim me as his mate and amor. I know certainly this is going to be a disaster.

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