A Omega is the Alpha's mate

A Omega is the Alpha's mate

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Maire (Mary) By werekittylover Updated Sep 03, 2014

Hi guys this is 2nd book and right now I am writing 'Being Myself... A Werecat' well hope you enjoy this book.


Kate's life has always been tough since her mom died with that she was turned into a Omega and her family and the rest of the pack beats her. Her only hope is to find her mate and he will take care of her. Well Guess what her mate is the Alpha.


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Cover made by @FantasyWriterGirl15

Chara_The_Unicorn Chara_The_Unicorn Jun 11, 2018
                              Not trying to be rude, please don’t take it the wrong way!
animallover1207 animallover1207 Mar 05, 2018
I just realized.
                              Axel and Alex is the same thing.
                              Just switch the xel and turn it into lex.
Rainy_Night_Shade Rainy_Night_Shade Aug 27, 2017
At first I was confused but I got elbowed in the nose and it somehow makes sense to me now idk man
Andrew_master_pooper Andrew_master_pooper Jan 20, 2017
Sorry to be super rude but it is the only thing I am good at but you spelled which wrong you spelled it like I am an evil witch *cackle, cackle* but it is WHICH
Life2read4ever Life2read4ever Nov 23, 2014
She is now 16 and shifted, does that mean you mend that her mom said she would be shift ad 16 and not ad 18?
falcon3268 falcon3268 May 22, 2014
that prick doesn't deserve any kind mate, the guy should be left with nothing