The Bad Boys Weird Girl

The Bad Boys Weird Girl

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daesha By daeshasmith Updated May 29, 2014

Being the weird girl or crazy girl is fun but when the bad boy is on your case and is wanting you it is more than fun because you can play him like  a guitar, but there will be lots of ups and downs, crying, laughing, jealousy, smiling, frowning, but most of all a little bit of love or maybe tons of love but oh well is doesn't matter you might get a special bad boy at the end of it all!

OR, you might not get a bad boy at the end if it all. You never know you'll just have to let fate take it's course.

So read to find out what happens between these two!

[Completed ]

(Under Surgery.)

(Not Edited! I repeat not edited! You may continue)

NoBluGri_ NoBluGri_ Jul 19
You just described most of  me perfectly, I don't collect teeth though. Nor snakes.
RoseQueen025 RoseQueen025 Sep 02, 2016
I'm mainly weird for my excessive interest in psychology and mental illness and also wattpad
im_the_only_batman im_the_only_batman Apr 20, 2016
The answer iiiiiiiissss... PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING IN RAINBOWS?! WHAT??!!!! WHERRREEEEE!!!!!😵😵😂😂😂😂
Naadz786 Naadz786 Oct 16, 2016
Your book hit puberty that's what lmao😂😂😂
                              You know it's changing 
                              And when u hit... Ok never mind
                              I'm weird....
                              Like your character 
                              Bye ..
                              *waves*awkwardly hits face while waving*
Book_lover190 Book_lover190 Apr 24, 2016
The answers is "Being weird is the best thing you can be but don't be weird to impress other people. Be yourself" tell me if I'm wrong
OceanSandoval2003 OceanSandoval2003 Sep 28, 2016
Samme we wrote these letters in 7th grade and got them thus year and first thing i see is hope u are still wierd!!!!