The girl who loved a monster - Kisame love story

The girl who loved a monster - Kisame love story

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Sayuri H. By SayuriH Completed

Charater: Hoshigaki Kisame

OC: Tempura Nanami

My name is irrelevant

            It was a chilly day of autumn and Kisame and Itachi were out on patrol. The air smelled like wet grass and the dirt was soaked with the rain of the previous night. It was quiet, even the birds seemed quieter than normal.

            -Hey, Itachi, if we encounter someone, may I deal with them my way?

            -No, Kisame, replied Itachi enenly.

            Kisame pouted, obviously disliking the restrictions his partner sat. But he didn't insist. He knew it would've been of no use.

            So they kept walking in silence, scanning the areas around them.

            Suddenly, a flock of birds arose from an area not too far from them. They chirped as loud as they could and bat their wings desperately.

            -Let's go, said Kisame smirking.

            Itachi didn't reply but headed his steps towards the commotion.

            Arrived at the area, they stopped and listened. It was now...

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Anime_Techno_Girl Anime_Techno_Girl Feb 29, 2016
Ooh she is so evil Hehehe good idea of taking the sword (I Belive that's what it is)