Barcelona Rain #AStormOfFanFiction

Barcelona Rain #AStormOfFanFiction

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Sophie By thedeadlypen Completed

My second place winning entry for Sir Rob's fanfiction contest!

It should have been easier to find her, with less people in the way. It should have been the easiest mission in his life. He'd faced greater challenges than this and had triumphed every time.

But what should have been an easy task was rapidly sending Rikkard into a slight panic. 

He had been looking for two hours. And she was still nowhere to be found. 

He wanted to yell. 

He wanted to rage and storm and trample the city over, tearing it out by its roots until he found her. He couldn't afford to lose her. He didn't want to lose her.

The only thing he wanted was to find her and go home, away from this accursed place, far from its infinite streets and bothersome shopkeepers.

He should have never come here. It wasn't worth losing two people in one night; first his prey and then the girl. It wasn't worth the failure he now felt the weight of on his shoulders, the hole in his heart. 

Funny. He had never wished for help in his life, but now, more than anything, he wished that there was someone there to help him find his Lilly. 


All characters belong to the wonderful Sir Rob, author of the Storm and Silence series.