Choosing Fate

Choosing Fate

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Elementals, Destinies and Time Guardians.
Three races gifted with powers that exist to maintain peace between humans and themselves.

At birth, every child is given the decision which decides their fate and future.
But Emerie was the strange exception: she refused to choose her fate, only to come face to face with the decision she should have made years ago. Emerie must face the consequences of her actions before the balance between the races is once again, thrown into chaos.

After all, choosing your own fate never is as easy as it seems.

_The_Dark_Side _The_Dark_Side Mar 11, 2016
TheSingerx2 TheSingerx2 Jul 20, 2015
i bet i wouldve chose phoenix because (if im right about phoenixes and fire) even as a baby i was fascinated with fire
LunaAccalia LunaAccalia Apr 19, 2013
Can i ask if choosing fate has another book? pretty please. I really love this and i love the plot.
likeadreamdrop likeadreamdrop Jan 10, 2012
Being truthful, children are almost always smarter than adults x)
                              No prob!
RimUranium RimUranium Jan 10, 2012
@solo_walker that was kinda what inspired it as well :O hehe I chose the $100 bill so I will apparently be rich when I'm older ^-^ I also liked the idea that infants could choose their fate after birth considering children tend to be a lot smarter than adults at times :3
                              Aww thank you Darcy! <3
likeadreamdrop likeadreamdrop Jan 10, 2012
The newborns choosing an item seems like the Korean tradition of choosing an toy that tells what children will grow up to be; pencil for writer, stethoscope for doctor... 
                              EXCITED! ANOTHER OF YOUR WONDERFUL STORIES, RIMM~ ^-^