Sink or Swim (Completed)

Sink or Swim (Completed)

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Areej Obaid By AreejObaid Completed

okay so i dont really know how to start but anyways. the story i am writing is a short story a really very short one indeed. since its short the beginning is very sudden so im not sure will it make sense or not but i am giving it a try. hope you all like it. and also send me private messages to give me your feedbacks. it would help me a lot and will also be appreciated. Thanks! and since its a realy short story i'll directly start it off without giving any summary.

I will just start writting it in a bit while and will definitly try to complete it today itself. 



•°•°SINK OR SWIM°•°•

'You?' Courtney says scornfully. 'There must be some mistake, some kind of mix-up. Why would they choose you?'

I blink, pink-cheeked, and tilt my chin up, bravely. 'I dont know,' I say. 'But they did.'

We are standing at the bus stop after school, waiting for the 73a. Ii have stood at this exact same bus stop with Courtney Taylor every schoo...